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La Sultane de Saba

La sultane de Saba
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Balinese Trip ( Lotus and Frangipani ) La Sultan De Saba will take you in a trip to the Balinese Island, one of the Indonesian provinces, where various tropical flowers grow. Since the old times, people from Bali believed that these flowers give a special effects on the soul, especially the Lotus Flower which is the most beautiful flower in the world and the frangipani flower, extracted from an immortal tropical tree and which is a symbol of femininity & seduction.
  • Oil for massage and bath
  • Shea butter for moisturizer, hair & body
  • Body lotion for smoothening
  • Scrub for exfoliation with lotus & frangipani flower
  • Candle massage for relaxing scent
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Japanese Trip ( Lotus & Neroli ) In 19th century in Kyoto, the imperial capital of Japan, there was a young girl called " Secret Flower". She was known for her exceptionally soft & velvet skin. The secret of that softness was she added a few drops of Neroli to each beauty unguent she used. This perfume with its soothing properties has been famous in the West by an Italian princess who so loved it that she perfumed all her gloves with it. But like all rare precious things, Neroli- extracted from the petals of bitter orange blossom- had already travelled far eastward to the land of the rising sun. " Secret Flower " wrote down this secret in a small notebook that has been preserved on her temple until today.
  • Oil for massage and bath
  • Shea butter for moisturizer, hair & body
  • Body lotion for smoothening
  • Sugar scrub for exfoliation
  • Powder perfume
  • Rice scrub for gently exfoliation
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Champaka- Tropical Flower Malaysia, a mythical land rich in Asian tradition, is a place where champaka flowers grow. The stimulating and exciting scent of the eternal incense enriches every product.
Intensive Shea Butter & Creamy Body Lotion
  • Oil for massage and bath
  • Shea butter for moisturizer, hair & body
  • Body lotion for smoothening
  • Scrub for exfoliation with champaka flowers tropical.
Island Trip ( Aloe vera & Tiare Flowers)
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Champaka- Tropical Flower For those who are seduced by the charm and well-being of the Islands, La Sultana De Saba will take you in a journey to Thaiti, Bora Bora and Morea islands where women have been using a unique & traditional secret of beauty.
It was the use of the Tiare Flowers which grows all along the year in these island and Aloe Vera, which has many virtues.
  • Oil for massage and bath
  • Shea butter for moisturizer, hair & body
  • Lotion for body smoothening
  • Scrub for exfoliation with aloe vera & tiare flowers
  • Candle massage for relaxind scent
Exfoliating Salts
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Exfoliating Salts Made of sea salt and scented essential oils, this product eliminates any dead cells from the skin and leaves a delicate veil of perfume.
  • Fragrances : Orange Blossom, Oriental Amber, Jasmine flower, Green tea with ginger, Rose, Vanilla of the Islands.
Exfoliating Salts The Shea butter nourishes deeply the driest skin. Genuine complete care, this product can also be used to nourish hair by giving back to capillary fiber shine and vitality.
  • Fragrances : Orange Blossom, Oriental Amber, Jasmine flower, Green tea with ginger, Rose, Vanilla of the Islands
Honey Mask ( Face & Body)
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Honey Mask ( Face & Body) Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, this mask which has healing, soothing, hydrating and purifying power.
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Argan Facial Oil Care
  • Argan oil face mask : To be used once a week and left on for 15 minutes
  • Argan oil day dream : Massage gently into the skin to help it penetrate deep down
  • Argan oil make up remover lotion : Apply to a cotton pad for gentle make up removal
  • Argan face oil rose : To be applied to face preferably at bedtime (contains over 99% pure argan oil)
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Argan Oil For Facial Care Set
  • ARGAN MAKE UP REMOVER LOTION : cleanses gently the skin and eliminates any impurities.
  • ARGAN FACIAL MASK : can be applied weekly. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.
  • ARGAN FACAIL OIL : oil moisturises the epidermis and helps to maintain the natural youth of the skin
  • ARGAN FACIAL CRÈME : provides comfort and penetrates quickly, apply to cleansed skin.
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Gold Anti-Ageing Scrub This precious face care product is a refreshing scrub with 23 karat gold, micronized pearl extract. Its non-greasy textures glides on the skin and facilitates exfoliation. It provides gentle cleansing to reveal beautiful, radiant skin. The particles of corundum, which is similar to diamonds , and pearl gently cleanse the skin to eliminate dead skin cells. Instructions for use: Using the fingers, apply the scrub to the face and massage with small movements .Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Use once or twice a week. Main ingredients: Pearl and corundum extract, 23 carat gold particles.
Gold Anti-Ageing Mask This mask literally accelerates cellular renewal. It contains pearl extract which provides a lifting effect whilst the 23 karat gold particles have anti-ageing properties. Its soft and light texture is comfortable and silky on the skin. The pearl particles restore ra-diance, particularly to dry skin, which is left smooth and lumi-nous. Apply the mask on the face and let rest for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Gold Anti-Ageing Cream This exquisite cream contains powerful active ingredients to com-bat wrinkles. This effect is due to the synergy of: 23 karat gold, known for its anti-ageing properties; hyaluronic acid, a powerful anti-wrinkle agent; caviar extract, a rich source of vitamins; and mother-of-pearl extract, which stimulates skin growth. The silky texture of the cream caresses the skin and makes it soft, toned and appear more youthful.
Apply a fine layer on clean skin.
Gold Anti-Ageing Elixir This sumptuous facial elixir contains precious ingredients and has im-portant regenerating virtues. It contains caviar extract which is bursting with vitamins, argan oil and 23 karat gold particles with renowned anti-ageing properties. Its non-greasy texture penetrates rapidly into the skin to restore the balance of the skin's hydrolipidic film. These ingredients act in synergy to leave the skin glowing and radiant.
After removing make-up, apply a dose of the Elixir to the face, neck and neckline. Using small, circular movements, massage until the product has been perfectly absorbed. Can be used daily as a night cream or as a mask once a week.
Body gloves la sultane de saba (lifa)
Savon noir ( black soap ) argan eucalyptus or eucalyptus
Rassoul mask

Exfoliate to eliminate impurities from the body .

To eliminate any dead cells from the skin and make it silkier, begin your body care with a scrub. Apply it with emphasis on rough parts like elbows or heels and the skin needs firming like thighs or stomach.
With the black soap to exfoliate gently the skin. It can be used once a week and willl make your body smooth and silky. Moisten your skin. Take a small knob of black soap in your hand and apply it on your body. Leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse.Moisten your lifa glove and rub your skin. Rinse to eliminate the dead cells.
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